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April 21, 2021


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Dusty Huxford

A great demonstration of all the beauty we see in nature and how we can apply those combination of color in our quilts. Thanks for the lesson.

Carol Stewart

Many thanks Jean for bring me back to nature for inspiration and discovery. I feel so good inside after reading about the talent and fun you have with fabric.
P.S I'm currently making your Woodland Angels....so fun!

Leslie Gill

Love the thought process and finished pieces you created! Turning to nature for inspiration is always a great starting point for artistic works.


What an inspiring post! Thank you Jean!


What a very inspiring post today. Thank you.


Thanks Jean for sharing your inspirational discoveries. I feel like your teaching has expanded the way I look at everything. These are all helpful and such beautiful examples of your talent!

Karen Shadley

I remain in awe of your creativity and
willingness to share and teach. Thank you, Jean!


Thank you Jean, great inspiration and insight.
Your photos and projects are beautiful.

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