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March 04, 2021


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I’m basically at a loss about colors and my husband often helps me. Your articles are an inspiration and I e enjoy them as well as learn from them. Hopefully I can come to Sisters sometime in the not too distant future to visit your store. Pema

Julie Butler

Thank-you so much. So informative. I wrote down the colors and their associations. I love yellow because it is so cheerful and brightens the darkest days, but I have also loved green all my life. Orange used to be my least favorite but I have come to enjoy it and, as a quilter, I really love all colors. My quilts lean toward the "bright and cheerful" though I love a good black and white quilt...I just love to quilt.

Liz Deck

I totally agree with Bobee!!
Jean your photos are gorgeous
And inspiring 💖


Color is why Jean is my favorite quilt inspire-er. It's what my creative efforts are all about. Sometimes I wonder why I just don't use paint but there is something about the fiber that is integral to the process.

Thank you Jean for all your inspiration


Jean, thank you for this breath of fresh mountain air!

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