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August 26, 2020


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Thank you! Such a wonderful lesson :) Verifies my excitement that you may be teaching the art quilting class again online and therefore I may be able to take it. I love the way that you are so thoughtful and respectful of beauty in your work. You keep working until it looks wonderful, not because it met some art theory criteria! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Terri Tavenner

thanks for the post Jean, I'm struggling with finding a background for a series of blocks that I'm doing. Your reminder to keep a journal/log is what I needed. Will begin journal pages with swatches/values/densities as a reference. Appreciate your sharing!

Kathy Emerson

Loved this Jean! I just started seeing your blog! It is so very informative and inspiring! So my struggles with color and how to combine colors is not unique to me! Great to know! :) Thanks so much!

Belva Hoffman

Great illustrations and information. Your knowledge is so helpful to me. I’m inspired!!

Roberta Stutz

Thank you! I have learned a lot from these demo's and postings.

Leslie Gill

Love the thought process involved in this creation. Also thought the juxtaposition of the vertically stacked blocks against the long horizontal lines of the background contribute so much to the composition of this work!

Melissa Reilly

Thank you for the post Jean. It’s given me lots to think about and consider. Color is an ongoing challenge for most of us I dare say. I appreciate the notion that even the pros go through discovery processes that often surprise them.

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