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September 27, 2019


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Samantha Roshak

And the winners are... Kathy Sperle and Carmen Che! You've each been sent and email, please get in touch with your address so we can mail you your pincushion.

Linda Fitzgerald

Thanks for sharing your processes and the beautiful results! My first time visit to your shop coming April 2020. Hoping there will be a class to take :)


What an interesting and fun way to keep the creative juices flowing.

Judy Miller

You have opened my eyes to these color combos. So deep and rich. I am ready to venture out of my black and white mode. Thank you for the inspiration!

Michele Bishop

They are lovely ❤️ Just a short time now and I get to see all the lovelies in your shop ❤️

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Thanks so much for all the comments! We love hearing from you all and it inspires us to do more when we know it's appreciated.

Penny Dominici

I never would have thought of adding a sliver of pink. I’m always so heavy handed with accent color.

Ine Sweere

They’re so different but so recognizeble als a real ‘Jean’. I’m very fond at the way you work and colourchoices. And I ‘eat’ your last book from begin to end. So inspiring to me.

Deb Levin

As I sit on my back porch looking at your creative color play, the colors are blending with the fall woods in my yard. How nice!

Linda Rouse

I love the colors you pulled. I have both of your newer color books. I would love to win your pincushion so I can use the colors for a quilt inspiration.

Thank you for all your years of sharing what you know.


I like how you used the pincushions to try out new color schemes. Especially liked the perspective of how you would have changed the light pink. I’ve been looking forward to taking one of your classes in the near future. I’m hoping to take pebbles, rocks, and stones in the spring. I love how you keep looking for things to inspire you.

Pam Foss

Absolutely love these colors, they say the desert or the beach to me. Love your creative work!

Lorie Marez

Thank you for sharing your creative process with us. I can’t wait to retire and take one of your classes. 🥰

Jane Parker

Lots of great ideas for my stash! I am at peace pulling out “pieces” of fabric to mix and match. ‘Dreaming in Color” seems to let us matchy match people expand our color horizons!

Nancy Albritton

These are fantastic colors!!

Sharon Wall


Cynthia Hovland

I’d feel honored to win a Jean Wells pin cushion.
They are awesome and love the color pallet!
Love Jean’s work. ❤️

Carolyn Fosterman

Love the floral fabric from your stash!!!

Carmen Che

I learn so much from you. You are a true inspiration! I am so glad that I have had the privilege to learn from you in person. My favorite pincushion is one that I made in your class. My wall hanging I made in your class is proudly hanging on my wall :)


What fun experiments! Thanks for sharing.
I like the second pincushion with the very light pink
because it contrasts so obviously with the very dark color in the lower left, is that
black or dark purple?
Too matchy matchy is boring. Contrast opens possibilities I think.

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