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April 06, 2015


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Mary Ellen Boynton

Celestial, pretty blue/green. Will be visiting your shop in July!

Annette LeFrancois

Can't pick just one, but concord and ice are some of my favorites.

Judy Eckhardt

I am another blue gal. January 30 and any of the other blues stir my creativity.

Mary Kauffman

I really liked Chinese blue! Thanks for the give away!

Mary Kauffman

Bethany Garner

LEPRECHAN... and while it is a favourite I most love your accompanying photos. Thanks for all of your focused work on our behalf. Can't think of anywhere I would rather be to study colour effects in quilting.


So hard to choose! I guess I would pick Concord Grape, because I love anything purple!

Kim Johnson

So hard to choose....Since my favorite color family is turquoise, I loved the weeks of Aqua and Celestial. I also loved Tomato which I think pairs nicely with the Aqua and Celestial. Your photography is beautiful!

Sally Newman

The photos @ colors are all beautiful. Lilac, however took me back to my Grandmothers yard when I was a child. I could almost smell the sweet perfume of the blossoms in the air. Thank you for bringing that memory front and center.

Lauren Applebee

I loved the Chinese Blue! Reminds me of my trip to Greece where all the doors and shutters are this blue against white stucco! It feels fresh, cheerful and welcoming.

Dian Davis

Basil! A color that is found all over in nature...

Kat Scott

Oh WOW! To pick just one is tough... Fresh Dew or Sangria... depends on if I'm feeling 'cool' or 'hot'! Great collection - Amazing giveaway!

Jen Beatty

Steel even though I love all colors. Thanks for this great series and a great giveaway!

Bev King

All the blues of course! But I loved looking at every one of the weeks photos. Beautiful

Sandy Ellison

I loved them all,especially with your photo examples! But for now I'd pick Celestial.


I love so many, but I choose stone.

Jill Neely

I love the Leprechaun, it reminds me of my Irish heritage.

Sally MB

My favorite color is orange spice! Loving the Fall all year long.

Vicki Takahashi

Ice is definitely the one!! Reminds me of a silvery winter ice storm.


It may not be a fancy name but I love the deep rich Purple

Launa Peters

No doubt...I'm older and STONE reminds me of the color my hair is starting to turn.

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