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June 05, 2014


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Cynthia A.

I love neutrals....especially interesting & dynamic neutrals. They can elevate other colors in a quilt & make them shine. Love your "smoke" line! Thanks!

Karen M.

I've been using gray more in my quilts, instead of my usual beige. I didn't realize how many different shades of gray there are! I can't wait to go to Sisters in July and see all your fabrics in person (and of course buy lots)!

Holly Maupin

I enjoyed your words of encouragement on using shades such as smoke in quilts. White has always been my go-to. I look forward to using other colors!


When I first started to quilt, I would regard a neutral fabric as a fabric that combines all the fabrics together harmoniously. However, I would always use white. Now, I have discovered that other colors such as beige, black, grey, pink, brown (insert your favorite color in this list) can be used as neutrals as well. It all depends on the project! It appears that there is a plethora of neutral fabric choices! Oh, boy, so much fabric, so little time!


Love the color of the week idea. Love neutrals, though they frequently get forgotten when shopping. Am about to embark on a quilt with neutrals and red (Freddie Moran would argue it is a quilt with neutrals!)

Tabitha K.

I'm still learning a lot about color selection in quilting. I'm very new, but I seem to love pretty much every color of the rainbow due to all the different hues in all the fabric lines. I love the smoke color too, it would be a great neutral but interesting at the same time. Thanks



So excited to see your fabrics here in the east... And this is the exact fabric I want to use for the Spiderweb/Karla class at QA! Please oh please!
Melissa Reilly

Barbara Jackson

I love the "Color of the Week" series. I really like orange -- much more than smoke.


I would agree...your color of the week collection is inspirational. Grey has been my favorite neutral. These smoke tones are even better. Thanks for sharing.


I really enjoy your color of the week collection. In the past, it has made me want to pick up my camera and really look closely. Today, I am loving the smoke tones. Thanks.


I love your shades of smoke assortment. Neutrals leave so much room for quilt art craft. After several projects in my "to be finished" line, I have been thinking about low contrast quilts. Not 'whole cloth', but pieced in some manner and relying on the subtle color shifts to show the pattern. Then, add quilting, maybe echo style with some other textural enhancement and wow ... exciting. Now I need to search out the variety of a single neutral to do it in. Fun! Better sketch it out quick, right?

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