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May 22, 2014


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Yellow is a lovely color, I will agree. However, we all have a color that evokes many special thoughts and feelings. Immerse yourself in your special color, and invite others to experience your bliss! Thank you, everyone, for sharing your thoughts on your special color with us.

Sharon P

Sunflowers are my favorite..but you sure make me like all the other flowers and colors. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Deanne Morris

Love me some bright,summery,lemony yellow!


Yellow....just sets me all atwitter :).

Sharon Broderick

Beautiful yellow.
This has been my favorite color for 65 years.

Diane Irwin

The sun kiss yellows are gorgeous! I live on Sunflower Street, so everything is about sunflowers in my home! Great color of the week!


Quilting wouldn't be wonderful without color. And yellow is one of my favorites.

Linda Jones

Lemon Meringue Pie, one of my favorite sunkissed yellow things.

Chris Soper

Graham Thomas -- a yellow Austin rose --is one of my favorites. Add a little lemonade and the porch feels great!


I'll take the jelly beans and sunflower, please. Yellow is a "happy" color. It sure perks me up instantly. Thanks for the cheer.


this color is certainly the color of spring! Love lemony deserts, flowers, and fabrics.

Barb S.

Now you're talking my colors, I am an August baby and love the colors of yellow>>>orange. I love driving through California when the fields of sunflowers have their heads pointing to the sun!

jane greiner

Love your colors of the week, your fabric is wonderful

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