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June 29, 2012


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I like Cerise.



hope its not too late to enter! My favorite Kona color is Kiwi!


When I was growing up my mother's favorite color was red. Mine was blue and I really didn't like red. Now that I'm older than my mom was then, red is my go to color. As usual, she was right!

Leslie A.

Honeydew - pale and neutral without being pastel.


My go to Kona is Snow. I use it for most of the sashing I do on any top. It's such a soft white, without being too stark and harsh.

Sew Very Sherry

I tend to go to Kona Snow. I love to highlight areas of quilting and nothing quite does this like a shade of white.


I may be boring but my go to color is black I love the way it makes all the other colors glow.


Iron! With citrus or any pretty yellows....

pam w

i use sour apple alot


Kona snow is my preferred neutral, but I have been using the medium grey more often. Thanks for participating in the blog tour!

Kristin Beckwith

My go to Kona color is charcoal because it makes the other colors pop.


I LOVE Kona solids!!! My go-to color changes all the time, but currently seems to be charcoal. Can't wait to try Lipstick - and other new colors!


I love Kona Charcoal!


I would say Charcoal as it is a nice deep grey, not black, not too light! Thanks for the chance


I'm pretty new to quilting. I haven't completed too many quilts, so I don't have a go to solid yet. I have a few yards of Pomegranate that I still haven't gotten to play with. I love em all!


I use Charcoal a lot but am love with all that is Kona :)


I agree with your thoughts about color Jean! It all depends on what it's next to. My go to is a chartreuse green, though the Kona chartreuse is a little too bright. I love their Cactus green and that Lime green is pretty fabulous too. Also catching my eye today is Papaya.


Flame! Orange is always my favorite

Allison C

I love using Kona coal, but I'm excited about their new gray shade iron! Maybe I will branch out...


I love Kona Expresso - buy it by the boatload! I use it as a neutral. It is rich and earthy. It compliments every color. LOVE IT!

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